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telling me? that's it. you said he was in russia. no, actually, sean mcallister told you that. tsia? yeah. get him off the phone. what are you gonna do, em? huh? what are you gonna do? you gonna run away? yeah, you're good at that. tsia. bloody hell. ok. you can't trust him. you have got to get out of there right now. you are safer on your own. do you remember 9th street? corelli's. how the door works? yeah. he's still there. you will be in and out in 5 minutes. got it. do not let clyde follow you. and, tsia, be careful. you, too. fine. hey, what's that? uh, oh, this is the only lead i have so far. what about you? seaver said you were looking for photos of, uh, doyle's tuscan villa? i couldn't find any stills from the day he was arrested, but there may be some surveillance footage from the sedans. they generally record everything. yeah? you get a document from your contacts? bank accounts traceable to our first two victims. we might be able to match the rest of those faces. hotch: good. what else have you found? [buzzer] [door buzzes open] ok, look in the peephole. [gunshot] my mother mad
. the giants have a zero tolerance policy against this action. sean down says classless. who takes a banana to a baseball game any way. mc mccabe says it's disgusting. and carl says, adam should not have even addressed it, this is what that person wanted. jones says he's angry for people taking up for the banana wielding fan, and says he may give up social media all together. and the giant's are looking at surveillance to find whoever threw that banana. the giants have apologized to jones and the entire oriole's organization. >> jones was two for four with two rbis on the night. >>> and the baltimore county woman accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband goes before the jury. >> reporter: is this a case of first degree, premeditated murder as prosecutors claim or as the defendant carla porter claims is this a case of self- defense and therefor only voluntary manslaughter? at first, carla porter blamed the 2010 murder of her husband ray porter on a robber and not the hit man she now admits she hired to kill him. >> have you ever seen him before? >> no. no. >> porter repeatedly lied to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2